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Supplying Nutrients to Your Family: Your First Priority

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Health is the most important factor in a family’s living expenses. This is more so in the case of growing children. Parents are responsible to ensure that the children get a good supply of nutrients regularly.

You can buy additional supplements if suggested from any pharmacy, when your general physician or a pediatrician recommends them.

supplementsIn fact, if only good nutritious food is on the table all the time, it will benefit the whole family. Healthy eating should be a regular habit. Children should learn about making balanced and healthy food selection. Likewise, they should also avoid processed foods in large portions. You can help them by providing them better options and inculcating good habits from a very young age.

The following steps will help:

• Stick to unsweetened fresh fruits, whole wheat instead of white bread, lean cuts of meat or chicken instead of hot dogs or sausages. Avoid plain flour, refined sugar or any other sweeteners.
• Do not bring up children on soda or aerated beverages. Low fat milk or calcium-fortified alternatives are a healthier choice. This will provide the essential calcium nutrient.
• Have deserts in small portions on special days or weekends. Make this a rule so that you do not feel you are entirely giving up sweets and cakes.
• Do not force your child to eat a particular type of food instead, just offer them healthier choices. They will slowly come around. Respect their tastes, though, even if it appears too discerning or discriminating.
• For the adults, you may need to count the calories and portion sizes. Have more proteins and minerals, and less of fats, carbohydrates and sugar.
• Do not over-eat any category of food. Restrict the intake of dairy products as well, if you are an adult. You can satiate any in-between meal hunger cravings by having a fruit or nuts in small quantities.
• Consult a doctor regularly and ask if you have nutritional deficiencies. Depending on the severity, they may advise taking supplements. In Sandy, family pharmacies like offers a wide selection of supplements.

Sufficient nutrients taken on a daily basis will make your loved ones healthier. You can stave off chronic illnesses too, as your immunity levels would improve with overall health. Over half of being healthy comes from the food that you eat.

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