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condiment bottles

So You Think Your Restaurant is Clean? Top 4 Sneaky Places Where Germs are Lurking

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condiment bottlesEating out with family, friends or co-workers can be one of the highlights of a stressful week. Some people spend their Friday nights trying some scrumptious meals at a restaurant they can’t prepare themselves.

Everything spotless and sanitary, no restaurant wants to make its customers get sick. There are some places, however, that are difficult or impossible to fully clean. Believe it or not, restaurants are not the most hygienic places to go for dining. This simply means your business is not an exception. Know what the dirtiest spots are in your restaurant and what to do about them.


You may not be aware of it, but your menus are one of the most germ-infested spots in your restaurant. This is probably because they rarely get thorough cleaning. It’s not just customers, but also your employees who are constantly touching the menus to arrange them in each table. Educate your staff when to clean food-contact surfaces.

Bathroom Faucet

What do you think your customers touch after using the toilet? Yes, they wash their hands to get rid of any bacteria. But, little do they know that a faucet could be as dirty as the toilet flush handle. Maybe your bathroom faucet is now a decade-old, and there are already thousands of germs lurking in it. Don’t hesitate to get some help to maintain the cleanliness of your premises. Hygiene specialist suggests hiring a company providing commercial cleaning washroom services.

Ice Cubes

Do you know the chilling truth about the drinks you serve in your restaurant? Some ice cubes contain more bacteria than the water in the toilet. This is due to germs found on hands and failing to wash properly before touching the ice. Experts say it’s best to always clean the ice cubes before using.

Condiment Bottles

Ketchup bottles or salt and pepper shakers can be a breeding ground for germs, especially if they are used often but rarely cleaned. They can get dirty all day, as customers love to add some flavour to their meals. Instruct your staff to inspect condiments every now and then and wipe them with a tissue or clean towel.

To drive repeat customers, you need to keep your restaurant clean and healthy. Reinforce cleaning practices and seek the help of experts.

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