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Taking Care of Your Car: How to Do It Right

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Man changing the oil of the carThere are many car owners who don’t give their ride the care it deserves. Ask people you know what brand of wax they use on their vehicle and chances are only a few would know. The rest might not even know what waxing is for.

A vehicle, especially a brand new one, costs a considerable amount. You might even have to pay for it over several years. Giving it a little TLC can make your car last longer between repairs, repainting, and other needs.

Some concerns you have to entrust to a professional. For example, if you had a fender-bender, find a shop for professional auto collision repair. As for some other, simpler matters, learn how to do it on your own or with a little help:

Washing and Waxing

When you wash your own car, you wash it with care. A machine can’t do that, so automatic car washes are notorious for causing scratches. Even car wash shops that do it by hand don’t give as much thought to your vehicle; they want to finish as many cars as possible in a day.

Waxing your car is easier today than before, when car owners spent entire afternoons trying to make their cars shine. These days, the products are better and easier to apply.

Keeping Your Cabin Neat

Don’t forget to clean the cabin whenever you wash the car. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner, wipe the glass with a clean, damp cloth, wipe the surfaces with a recommended conditioner or substance that provides protection, and remove any trash to prevent pest infestation.

Changing Motor Oil

The best source of knowledge for your oils and fluids is your manual. It’s pretty easy to learn how to change the oil and the filter in your car. You may need to invest in some hardware, though. You’ll need an oil pan and the tools for loosening your old filter. There are plenty of YouTube videos that can teach you how to do it yourself.

Replacing a Flat

You might be surprised how many car owners don’t know how to change a flat. It’s one of the easiest things you can learn, plus it’s a must-learn. To make your job easier, get donuts or a spare tire that doesn’t need air, so you don’t have to monitor it like your other four tires.

Investing a little time and money now can give you more savings in the long term—just don’t attempt serious maintenance or repairs that require the skills of a pro.

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