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Ways to Let Your Old Car Go

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a pile of scrapped cars
There are a lot of reasons why people hold onto things even if they are old. Some do not have the proper means yet to buy a new one, while others simply attach too much sentimental value. More often than not, this happens with bigger purchases like cars.

Sadly, no matter how much you take care of it, there would come a time when your car will just give up or slow down due to wear and age. When this happens, you would need to start finding a way to dispose of it. If seeing your car taken by wreckers in Christchurch such as Christchurch Wreckers is not an option, here are some other ways to dispose of your vehicle.


Selling the car by yourself, instead of going through a dealer or trader can give you better prices. Have an idea of how much it would cost by checking its value online. Then have all the paperwork fixed and filled up before posting your ad. Be sure to put it at a reasonable price to be able to sell it faster and easier. Do not forget to conduct basic maintenance before handing your car to its new owner.


Selling your old car to wreckers is one easy way of earning some money. However, you can dismantle your vehicle and sell it piece by piece. There are a lot of stores that buy scrap metal. For better pieces like electronic components, you can always try selling it online.


Choose a charity and donate your vehicle. You might not get any thing out of it, but it would help your chosen institution. Just be sure to complete the paperwork before doing so.

Disposing of your car is not an easy thing. But with all these options, saying goodbye to it is easier more than ever.

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