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Offering of a funeral rose

Talking to Your Parents About Funeral Pre-planning

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Offering of a funeral roseThe passing of your parents’ life may be painful or unthinkable, but you have to face it. In fact, you must prepare for it in many ways for your sake and for your parents’ sakes. It’s not a surprising act, but you can help your parents plan their funeral. Sadly, many still refrain from doing so because of fear. By pre-planning your parents’ funerals, however, your parents will have more control over their funeral. They will be more content knowing they have communicated their last wishes, and everyone will have peace of mind.

Start the Conversation

Of course, before any planning can occur, you first have to break the ice with your parents. To do so, you can ask yourself or recall how your family communicates when dealing with serious issues or topics. Once you find out or remember, you can talk to your parents about funeral pre-planning through the method you discovered.

Some break the ice by asking their parents gently if they will be comfortable talking about the topic, while others open frankly and directly. Still, there are people who use the indirect approach by talking about something else but still related to death. When you encounter any resistance, you may remind your parents the significance of a funeral service as a part of the grieving process.

Ask Their Wishes

Once you have opened up the conversation, and your parents are ready, you can simply ask what they want for their funeral. Do they want to be buried with headstones here in Taylorsville? How do they want the service to go? You can talk about the finer details as well.

Suggest Creating a Will

You can even tell your parents to create a legal will that includes their funeral plan. In this way, whatever they want to happen when they die will truly be accomplished to the letter. An executor will be able to ensure the execution of a will.

You can do more research to help your parents along in the funeral plan, yet respect any decisions that they make or if they want to talk some other time.

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