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The Quality of Your Hotel Starts with the Quality of Your Wifi

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WIFI in aHotelIt’s a global obsession and frankly it would be foolish for any establishment in the hotel industry to ignore such trend. Mover over primetime and cable TV, the internet is here and it’s unstoppable.  

You could be unsure if putting up free wifi in your hotel is worth the additional expense. Know however, that as pervasive as smartphones and tablets are, not giving free internet access could be a huge disservice to your discerning clientele. When your guests do find your internet offering wanting, they’re going to head towards your closest competitor next time around.

A New Kind of Show

So pervasive is the internet, you could see its proof everywhere you go: smartphones. This is especially true with teens who seem to find an uncanny way to make the gadget part of their daily lives – bringing it just about everywhere they go. And it’s understandable.

The internet is the new TV. Where television was branded as the most influential invention of the 20th century, today it plays second fiddle to the internet.

Instead of giving a few Hollywood handful – of gorgeous hunks and beautiful women – the chance to make it big, internet levels the playing field. Anybody can take a shot to superstardom. True enough, even the biggest names in Hollywood fall short in terms of influence, clobbered by fast-rising YouTube stars.

Following Through

In such an environment where the internet has become a virtual launching pad for everyone wishing fame and fortune, not giving free to guest wifi could be counterproductive.

For instance, you could be giving a huge let-down to a granny who just discovered a better way to receive the amorous advances of a lover: Facebook. Remember though that it’s not just about wifi. It’s about guaranteed consistent internet connectivity.

Once you put up the free to guest wifi add-on from on your hotel website, you need to make sure you can deliver – or you could be opening a Pandora’s box.

Falling on a promise is not the best way to convince clients of your hotel’s unparalleled excellence.

Free quality wifi isn’t an option; it’s a must.

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