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The Link Between Broken Mufflers (Or the Lack Thereof) and Poor Fuel Mileage

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Fuel efficiencyFuel efficiency is king these days, when squeezing the most out of every dollar is top priority. A car’s MPG rating is among the things that both car buyers and manufacturers care about, and when a car has poor mileage, it is bound to go into the replacement department.

That is, unless something can be done to improve its MPG rating. Here are some ways you can improve your car’s mileage.

The Exhaust System’s Importance

A typical car’s engine must take air in for it to produce power. When that air is used up in the combustion process inside, it must be expelled. This used air is what hampers the engine’s power and efficiency. To get all that waste air out and improve efficiency, the best thing to do is install after-market improvements to the exhaust system. It may involve a new oxygen sensor, a catalytic converter, or at times, a good muffler.

The Muffler’s Merits

Almost all vehicles come with restrictive, sub-par factory exhaust systems, no matter how high-end their models or makes are. The main reason is that car manufacturers need something that’s both quiet and inexpensive to make. Of course, nobody wants a noisy car — unless one person’s a true showoff by heart.

There is a catch, however. Restrictive exhausts may be quiet and cheap, but they negatively impact the vehicle’s MPG rate. Their narrow structures make it difficult for all that used air from the combustion to come out in an instant.

Replacing a stock factory exhaust with an after-market muffler provides less restriction. By that, it means that the engine expels unwanted fumes much easier. A wider path for the exhaust allows the engine to ‘breathe’ better and be more efficient in producing power. Improved exhaust scavenging lets the engine pull in a fresh mix of air and fuel into the cylinders quickly, improving both power and mileage.

Don’t let your engine choke on its own fumes. According to, a muffler repair company in Provo, sometimes, a good exhaust system is all you need to get more horsepower out of your car, and it does not necessarily mean having a new turbo charger. If the car’s still sporting a stock exhaust, it must be replaced. If the current muffler is broken, a thorough repair is the way to go.

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