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Dealing with Injuries: How Physiotherapists Can Help

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Physiotherapists in WellingtonNo matter how much you train and exercise, your body is still prone to injury. Whether you are doing sports or simply physical activities, you may sustain injuries due to accidents. Fortunately, medical advancements paved a better way for recovery.

Hands-on Healing

Physiotherapy is one way of treating and preventing physical injury. This medical practice uses physical methods to treat and prevent injuries. These methods vary to your needs and issues.

Central City Physiotherapy Clinic shares some instances when physiotherapy may apply:

Presence in Sports

One of the core areas of physiotherapy is sports. Physiotherapy help rehabilitate sports injuries to the head, shoulders, ankles, and other parts of the body. At the same time, you can learn from physiotherapists the ways to avoid injury through correct techniques for warming up or exercising.

Guidance for the Elderly

With aging comes the risk of physical injury. Most seniors lose the sense of balance, making them prone to injuries. Loss of balance can stem from different causes, such as poor eyesight or a medical condition. You can improve your strength and balance through exercises planned by a physiotherapist. They may also advise on correct footwear and other precautions.

Help with Back Pain

An estimate of 80% of New Zealanders experience back pain. Physiotherapy help relieve pain through physical mobilisation and manipulation of your back muscles. Some physiotherapists even recommend back exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and posture.

Treatment of Other Conditions

Physiotherapy may address many other problems. Some therapists help those who suffered a stroke or undergone a surgery. Some centres even offer treatment plans for muscle sprains and similar conditions.

Should you need to get physiotherapy services, a team right here in Wellington is ready to serve you. Talk to these specialists to know what treatment suits your condition.

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