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The Rewards of Being an Exchange Student

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Exchange StudentMany students aspire to enter an exchange program. Other than taking in a new and more advanced curriculum, what are the other rewards of studying abroad? Here are three of the major advantages.

Visit a New Country and See More of the World

One of the main reasons why students aspire to live and study abroad is because they get to see and experience a new country. Travelling is a given for exchange students, but the excitement seems to have no end. Exchange students experience fresh outlooks, customs, and activities—they learn how to blend into a new country, which shapes their knowledge and personality. Also, studying abroad puts no limit to experiencing neighbouring states and countries; it allows you to see more of the world.

Meet New People and Experience Different Cultures

Many exchange programs offer meetings and trips wherein you can converse with other exchange students. This opportunity allows you to meet new people who are born and bred in different nations; some may even be your lifelong friends. Other than fellow exchange students, you always have the chance to form friendships with people you meet during your stay. He or she can be a friendly barista, a newspaper vendor, or a random person living across the street.  Through this, you open yourself to different cultures, allowing you to understand a deeper sense of the world.

Learn Independence and Money-Handling

Exchange students take on a new level of responsibility, which includes money-handling, sticking to a schedule, and picking up after your mess. For students who have lived with their parents, this new take on independence is exceptionally difficult. However, along the way, one will understand the value of being away from home. Major responsibilities such as finding an accommodation for students in London, Berlin, or whatever place in the world, to minor tasks such as washing the plates can teach you something about reality and adulthood.

Being an exchange student teaches you things you cannot learn in classrooms and books. It opens you to a new world where you can learn and grow. If you have the opportunity to study abroad, don’t skip the experience and work on it.

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