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Thinking Out of the Box: Office Space Design

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Amazing office designThe rise of information technology and computer science has offered a slew of job opportunities. The internet and ubiquitous use of gadgetry, from laptops to mobile phones, are causing a significant shift in businesses. With the industry’s rise, employment rates rise as well, creating a demand for office spaces.

The Growth of Office Spaces in Utah

Take, for example, how Varo Money is set to expand in Utah. The financial technology company, along with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), recently announced its expansion. With nearly three million dollars in capital, this move will bring hundreds of jobs to the community.

Val Hale, the executive director of the GOED, emphasizes fin-tech’s importance. It is a niche that can impact the state’s tech industry. As a versatile mobile banking platform, Varo Money looks forward to growing in Utah, fueling the need for more office spaces.

Aesthetics of Functionality: The Future of Office Space Design

The philosophy of Quality Used Office Furniture is “to create workplaces that are both stylish and functional.” As a provider of office furniture, the company knows that this is where the future of office space design is – the combination of both beauty and efficiency. The best technology firms, for instance, settle their think tanks in places that cultivate their culture. This is truly the direction of office space design.

As much may notice, the traditional office setup is already on its way out. Bland-colored tables and chairs, different cubicle sizes that denote hierarchy, and formal, boring styles are things of the past. The Apple office in Cupertino, for example, looks like an iPod dial on the outside – an instant preview of what the company does. It costs around five billion dollars and is set to be the most expensive corporate HQ in the world. It is an example of how tech firms across the U.S. are housing themselves in offices that represent their respective brands.

One must understand that the combination of design and function is a way to target long-term goals. Companies seeking to grow will surely invest in creating a workplace that is both stylish and functional. Design is an investment that serves to build the business’s culture and brandish it.

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