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Working in the US: Tips on Finding a Sponsor

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An immigration control office stamping a seal in a passport Thousands of foreign nationals clamor to apply for jobs in the U.S. as the job market and economy grow and expand. However, you cannot just go to the U.S and then apply for a work visa because it is, unfortunately, the other way around.

So how do you begin your job search? Here is how.

Determine Your Qualifications for the Job

All too often, foreigners apply to various jobs in the U.S. even if they do not have the necessary work experience, skills, and degree to fit the job description. It is crucial to pay close attention to the description of a job position prior to applying to make certain that you meet the requirements.

Figure out the Work Visa That’s Right for You

There are various types of work visas available for job seekers in the U.S., but you have to find out which type you are eligible for. For example, the H1-B visa is the most sought after for those looking to immigrate to the country eventually.

If you are a Mexican or Canadian national, you might be eligible for a TN work visa in Provo, and a law firm specializing in this legal field such as Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. can help you.

Find out If the Employer Sponsors Work Visas

Before applying for any job, ensure that the company sponsors work visas first. Otherwise, you would be wasting precious time sending applications to employers who cannot sponsor you in the first place.

Look for Openings in Job Search Sites

Job sites help employers efficiently choose eligible candidates that match an employer’s specific requirements. They also help you search for different jobs that you might qualify for depending on your education and work experience.

Apply Directly to Employers

Plenty of companies post job openings in newspapers and their websites. If you are sure that you qualify for a job opening with a specific employer, apply through their website, send them an email, or contact them by phone to make sure.

Looking for and applying for a job could be very challenging and time-consuming. And because you cannot just simply apply for a work visa in the U.S. if you do not have employer to sponsor and petition you, it is extremely vital that you do your due diligence, prepare yourself, and do extensive research.

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