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Staying Fit in Layton

Using Exercise, Diet & Lipo to Get Rid of Stubborn Flabs

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Staying Fit in LaytonFlabs are problem areas for many people. They feel conscious because of fat that’s accumulated around their waist, belly and abdominal area, arms, breast area, and even neck. Some people also tend to accumulate fatty areas around the knees and thighs. In most cases, this is due to a bad, fatty diet and a sedentary lifestyle, but there are also other possible causes such as pregnancy.

This fat is not only a cause for concern because it deprives you of the enjoyment you find in wearing a bikini or a tight dress. This kind of fat is also bad for your overall health. It makes your liver and pancreas work double time, and it may also put you at risk for other health problems like diabetes and heart ailments.

Exercise helps

In most cases, exercise helps in getting rid of fatty deposits and keeping them away. A healthy diet and counting calories may help you lose weight, but it may not be enough to remove the fat that’s built up over time. As a matter of fact, in a study conducted at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, the women respondents who combined diet and exercise reduced their abdominal fat-cell size by up to 18%. So instead of just relying on a good diet, better hop on that treadmill.

Lipo is a choice

Industry professional Davis Surgical Associates explains that liposuction has been proven to work for those who are not losing their flabs even when they exercise or diet. Sometimes, it takes too long for them and they would like to lose the flabs much faster. A new form of lipo, called Smart lipo, is another option. This is done using a medical device that performs laser-assisted lipolysis. It is also known as laser liposuction.

Keeping the flabs away

Even if you get lipo, the flabs may come back if you do not change your diet or perform some exercises. So whichever way you choose to lose fat—the natural way or through procedures like lipo—you have to stay disciplined if you don’t want the fat to come back.

Getting rid of those stubborn flabs is undoubtedly easier said than done. But, if you’re really determined to achieve your goal, you can do anything.

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