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Protecting Your Business from Thieves and Vandals

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Thieves in SingaporeThe role of keeping your business premises protected from thieves and vandals does not fall exclusively on the shoulders of the security guards you hire; it falls on the shoulders of everyone in the business. That begins with you as the owner, your managers, and your employees. Sometimes, however, you have to put better measures in place to keep everyone honest, including your own people.

Here are some fine suggestions.

Install CCTV cameras

The popularity of CCTV cameras has grown so much that they are now part of any urban landscape. Even private cars that don’t belong to law enforcement officers now have cameras, so why not your own business premises? From shoplifters to thieves among your ranks, everyone is wary when a camera is “looking”. In some instances, small businesses and private residences use fake cameras equipped with blinking red lights. A camera isn’t just for recording what it “sees”; it also acts as a deterrent against many crooks who don’t know any better.

Use product tags

Many businesses now use product tags that trigger an alarm when someone attempts to take them out of the store without paying for them. Don’t be that sole business that doesn’t use this simple technology. It stops hundreds of attempts every day in many large supermarkets and department stores. notes that the barcode scanners at the cashier’s terminal deactivate the code so the alarm does not get triggered when the product is taken out of the store by the shopper.

Hire internal security

Security guards in uniform pose an important presence at the doors of any business, but unarmed security personnel in plain clothes, acting like regular shoppers, are more effective in catching shoplifters and thieves in the act. Get people you can trust or hire a security agency to provide you with trained guards. It is also advisable to have the guards replaced periodically. Guards who become friends with other employees tend to relax around them.

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