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Attractions in Uluru

What to Expect When Exploring Uluru

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Attractions in UluruThe Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, is located at Red Centre desert within the Northern Territory of Australia. There is no possibility of you missing it as it juts out into the horizon, a gigantic red monolithic structure. The beauty of this area, however, is not the only thing it offers visitors to enjoy.

The Uluru Single Day Tours – Believe it or not, there’s more than one way to tour a mountain. Other than the typical strolling, hiking and cycling, you also have the option to ride on camels or even fly up high via helicopter. You can even choose what time of day you want to do your tour. There are a number of tour companies who offer these packages, so make sure you get a reliable and affordable one that suits your needs.

The Uluru Multi-Day Package – For the more adventurous Uluru tourist or backpacker, ask for the two-day or three-day offers. You get to go beyond the Ayers Rock and visit other well-known tourist spots in the area such as Kings Canyon, Kjata Tuta and Alice Springs. There are also accommodations at the nearby Uluru Caravan Park if you choose to stay for days at a time. You can try camping under the star-studded sky of Australia, too.

Handicrafts and Arts – Believe it or not, Australia offers a unique cultural experience through exposure to bush crafts and arts. You can learn how to do Makaru dot art painting by attending workshops that are being regularly offered at the Park Cultural Centre. At the Circle of Sand of the Ayers Rock Resort, be treated to aboriginal storytelling. For authentic aboriginal dancing while under the stars, visit the Sounds of Silence dinner.

These are only some of the main attractions in Uluru that have fascinated numerous tourists and visitors. If you still want to know more about the area, go ahead and visit and ask for suggestions from the locals. After all, the best information is experienced firsthand.

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