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Man Counseling A Woman

Why People are Reluctant about Counseling

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Man Counseling A WomanFor most people, the idea of seeking professional advice to address issues and feelings is a serious challenge. Many are not too comfortable revealing their true emotions or resorting to others to solve personal problems. Counseling is always considered a threat to self-reliance and independence, and loss of control over life.

Those reluctant to see a counselor believe they can resolve issues on their own. They also think that time will ‘heal all wounds’ and make things better, and that talking to a stranger will do no good. Compass Family Counseling discusses some of the top concerns people have regarding counseling:

Sign of Weakness and Failure

Counseling is often associated with failure, inadequacy, and weakness. People believe that the need for counseling means there is something wrong that requires quick addressing. The truth, however, is that it takes courage to talk about problems and evaluate painful feelings. Seeking professional help is the first step.

For Crazy People Only

Another common misconception is that counseling is only recommended for those with mental problems. Some who seek advice may feel sick in the sense that there are constant feelings of loneliness, stress, or other problems. Normal or high-functioning individuals also seek counseling for guidance on how to go about certain life situations. This helps people become more comfortable with themselves and others.

It is Better to Talk to Friend

People with relationship and personal problems feel that it is much better to talk to a friend than to a complete stranger. They believe friends can offer the support and sympathy they need to cope with issues. While it is true that friends can offer support, it may not be enough. Counseling provides a much better way to assess feelings and deal with issues.

Struggling with stress, anger, and unhealthy relationships can take toll on mental and physical health. Relying solely on inner resources is not enough to help address these problems. Counseling is beneficial in helping people deal with the tensions that come from the inside. It is a journey of self-discovery that can lead to satisfaction.

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