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Online Marketing Techniques

3 SEO Strategies That Still Work to Improve Your Search Rankings

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Online Marketing TechniquesOnline marketing is so complex that it can be confusing which beliefs to follow and which to get rid of. You may have personal limiting beliefs that you think are right but actually preventing your website from gaining more traffic. With a lot of techniques, programs, schemes, and theories, how can you end up using the right ones? 

Here are some of the most common things marketers and business owners dismiss that are actually still effective in today’s online marketing world.

Marketing Beyond Your Brand

The truth is people won’t interact with just a brand as much as they would if you have a personal account. Huge brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, and such may get away with posting only as their brand, but not small to medium-sized businesses. If you’re working with a Minnesota SEO company, tell them to help you connect and interact with your customers in a more personal way. This way, people can connect with the people behind the brand.

Email Marketing

Some businesses don’t have email marketing on their to-do list because they think email is not effective anymore. This is definitely not true because your most loyal customers will actually appreciate regular email newsletters coming from you. This is a great way to keep them engaged and tell them about the latest news about your brand in a more personal manner. Yes, social media can also drive engagement, but email marketing is far from being ineffective in keeping your customers interested in your brand.

Link Building

Link building has been frowned upon before because of the unnatural and black-hat SEO methods that other marketers used. However, when you do it organically, it is still one of the best ways to increase your SEO value. Earn your links the right way by making high-quality content that matters to your target audience.

You could still use these strategies for the benefit of your SEO value and online marketing pursuits. Do them well and consistently and you’ll gain more followers.

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