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Guide to Keeping Your Home Clean

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Clean HomeDo you love getting into a clean room that smells fresh? Clean homes invite you in, and they are a pure delight. Having a regular cleaning routine ensures that your home is always clean. Here are more pointers to make the results even better.

Work out a system

Having a cleaning regimen helps in the flow of work and saves time. To avoid running back and forth, clean your house following a certain order every time, scrubbing one room at a time.

Always start from the top to the bottom such as the ceiling, going down to the floor to avoid unnecessary work. Don't start with the floor then finishing with the ceiling because all the dust from the ceiling will drop to the floor.


With a soapy towel, wipe your windows then squeegee them, top to bottom. Squeegees remove any streaks from windows. If a squeegee is not on hand, use a glass cleaner, and to ensure a clear shine, use a microfiber cloth, using horizontal strokes. Never rub in circles as it leaves stains.

Kitchen grease

With so much cooking in the kitchen, grease builds up pretty fast. Wipe this grease using a cleaner with orange oil or any detergent that has grease cutting properties.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait until your home becomes messy and full of grime to clean it. Small measures such as getting the services of drain cleaning company in Utah will prevent your drainage system from blocking.

To check on scum building up in your bath, sprinkle a shower cleaner after taking a shower. You don’t have to wipe, simply rinse it.


For routine dusting, use feather dusters to brush your pictures, corners, and such small areas. When the dust has accumulated, use a cloth as it is more efficient or better still, use a vacuum.

A clean home reflects your personality and for it to have that allure, make it a welcoming abode where you and your friends hang out by keeping it clean all the time.

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