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Divorce Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Let Your Ex Get the Best of You

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Divorce Proceedings in Long IslandDivorce almost always brings out the worst in anyone. This is especially true for those going through a high-conflict divorce; in most cases, these people are prone to snap any second — especially if your spouse is annoying, arrogant, and unremorseful.

No one enjoys the drama that comes with divorce. If you’re currently going through one, it’s only natural to want to strangle your ex at the sight of them. But losing your cool might ruin your chances in court.

Rather than give in to the wave of emotions, hold on. Try to regain your sanity, even when you feel like ripping your ex-spouse's limbs off.

Lessen Personal Communication

In cases that involve major conflict, the Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick in Long Island recommends limiting face-to-face communications with your ex. Divorce mediation is one of the best ways to reduce tension because there are mediators involved and you and your ex-spouse to be can stay away from each other.

If you need to talk, do so over the phone or via text messages. If you still feel annoyed while talking over the phone, email is your best and last option. Don’t fan the flames by seeing your ex on a regular basis. Keep all personal encounters at a minimum to prevent outbursts.

Talk Less about the Ex

Family and friends would want to learn more about your situation. The first rounds of stories are natural, but when you keep re-telling the story over and over again, moving on from the anger becomes more difficult.

Always talking about the ex fuels the tension. When you just think about them and the crazy things they did, you’ll never get over things. Rather than mull over the bad things, spend time doing other hobbies to distract yourself. Focus on the good things life still has to offer.

Stay Off Social Media

It’s hard to just go off the grid sometimes, but you can do it. While social media is great for keeping in touch and sharing pictures of family and friends, but when you see your ex posting photos of their new significant other, it’s not going to help.

Love yourself and stop stalking your ex on Facebook. You don’t need to stay updated.

The divorce itself is hard enough. Spare yourself from unnecessary pain by trying to keep your cool during the proceedings. Focus on yourself and the bigger picture instead.

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