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Why Milk Tea Franchises Are Disrupting the Global Beverage Industry

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Milk Tea FranchiseCoffee chains have been the standard-bearer of the beverage industry ever since the rise of Starbucks. Anyone who wants to make money making drinks looked at Starbucks or other coffee franchises. It is profitable so investors made an effort to look. But while coffee lost none of its caffeine-powered business potency, another drink is aiming to make a mark.

Milk tea is a staple in several Asian countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore. These countries are home to numerous stalls, branches and pop-up milk tea shops that serve tea concoctions of every kind. So, will the coffee-mad Australians take to milk tea well? This is what you have to take in mind: everywhere milk tea made a foothold, it has gripped the masses.

A Running Start

Anyone who is looking for a milk tea franchise opportunity must look at Chatime. The Taiwanese milk tea company already has a significant presence in the Australian market. People already know them and in franchises, exposure is a big thing.

Either way, you are free to pursue what milk tea franchises you think will do well with your intended market. There are choices in the market and while you may have to work from the ground up, your milk tea franchise’s success will depend on how you sell it.

The Appeal of Variety

The public is most probably tired of drinking the same type of coffee. Whatever they are, it is a quirky reinvention of latte, espresso and cappuccino. On the other hand, milk tea offers true variety. The milk is the base ingredient and teas can always be different. The toppings or sinkers also add more fun to the drink. Customers will appreciate that they have more choices and more chances of drinking something completely new each time.

Furthermore, tea is a great alternative for those who find coffee too strong. With low caffeine content and an accessible taste palate, tea is just easier on the mouth. Combine that with the fact that customers can experiment to find their perfect blend, you have everything you need for your milk tea franchise to succeed.

The market always appreciates something new. Tea is not exactly a new discovery, but modern taste palates call for more than your average cuppa. Milk tea, with its signature tapioca pearls, is that drink.

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