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Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise?

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Person Standing on a Weighing Scale

Have you looked in the mirror and felt disappointment that you gained a few pounds or that your pants and some shirts no longer fit? Many people think that for them to lose weight, they have to hit the gym frequently and go on a strict diet. However, certain practices allow you to achieve your weight loss goals without exercising regularly.

London Weight Management, a group of experts on weight loss based in Singapore, cite the following ways on how you can lose weight without much exercise.

Plate Size Reduction

One way to drop the pounds is to reduce the size of the plates you use at home. This conditions you to eat less when you have breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert because you only eat what you have to. The general rule of thumb for this approach is to choose plates that are nine to ten inches wide instead of those more than these lengths. These plate sizes allow you to reduce what you eat by around 23% each meal. This reduction adds up over time and enables you to reach your target weight. However, you also have to watch what you eat, reduce carb and sugar intake for this to be effective.

Distance Matters

People fall into a sedentary lifestyle because they want to be close to everything they need, their favourite restaurant, the closest meeting room and the closest market. Change your lifestyle by choosing a place that requires a few minutes or more walk. This keeps you in good condition and gets you enough exercise without having to go to the gym. Take the stairs to the lavatory or the coffee room to keep you in shape.

Bags as Dumbbells

When you ask someone to help you load those groceries or your suitcase into your car, you are missing an opportunity to lift “weights”. When you do these things on your own, you exercise your upper or even lower body. So the next time you need to load anything, do it yourself for a bit of exercise.

These are small things that make a big difference in your weight loss aspirations, especially if you do not like to go to the gym. These allow you to get enough exercise and reduce food intake to achieve your target weight.

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