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Carnivore or Vegan? Brisbane’s Best You Have to Taste this Weekend

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steakWeekends are for fun, exploration and pleasure. Whether it is your first time visiting Queensland or just a self-declared foodie who loves to try anything new, Brisbane has just what you need.

If you are planning to go out with your friends and discover Brisbane’s gastronomic pubs, then you have to try the best steak and veggie menus these two foodist nirvanas have to offer:

Stake Lovers’ Haven in Spring Hill

If you love a good plate of steak, you are perhaps searching through gourmet hotels, pubs and steakhouses that offer the best beef there is in the river town. Well, here is one gastro pub that is earning multiple star ratings, great reviews and two thumbs up for having the best steak in Brisbane.

Carnivores will agree that there is a good reason the steaks at The Alliance Hotel made it to the steak experts’ list. The pub is using only prime class of beef that is cooked to perfection. Many restaurant and magazine reviews hold it as one of the best sources of grilled meats – beef and veal – in particular in town with a note to try their Clare Valley Eye Fillet.

Vegan Paradise by the North Lakes

There are days when we go all-out vegan just to balance our diet. There is this sought after Malaysian restaurant in Brisbane that serves fabulous purely vegan dishes and drinks. Customers swear by their dumpling laksa and mock chicken dishes. They also have non-alcoholic malts to complement their greens.

The relatively new vegan hole September 18 is giving the best spring rolls and steam buns. Diners have rated September 18 five stars for its generous servings and affordable price, but most of all, its dishes that can pass through picky-eaters’ inspection.

The good things in life are just around the corner for those who are in constant pursuit of it. Brisbane has something to offer, whether you have your palate set on meat or faux meat.

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