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us citizenship

The Great Privilege that is US Citizenship

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America is and continues to be a symbol for countless individuals who dream of a better life. Many still think of it as the land of opportunity, where nobody cares who you are, or where you come from. If you have expertise in something, you’ll make it. That promise, as well as a few immigrant success stories continues to attract people to try their luck in the land of the free and home of the brave. To this day, many still long for US citizenship and seek immigration services to help with the fulfillment of living the American dream.

us citizenship

This is why residence and citizenship planners like Elevay assist foreigners migrating to the United States, providing services needed to achieve such goals. Full US citizenship can give an immigrant the ability to sponsor their immediate family – spouse, parents, and minor children.

When immigration services grant a person citizenship, that person becomes eligible for a comprehensive range of government benefits and assistance programs, like Medicare and Social Security. Naturalized citizens can also apply for American passports, and protection from deportation.

One of the best things about immigration assistance is that they aid foreigners through the complex bureaucracy of the American legal system. This turns what’s normally considered a high-pressure procedure into a trouble-free exercise of freedom.

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