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Loss of hearing

How Hearing Loss Impacts Your Life

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Loss of hearingHearing loss is not only prevalent in seniors, it may happen to someone younger. This ailment affects the daily life and the people around you in ways you do not want it to.

Social Withdrawal

The company of friends and family or a casual conversation with a stranger are things that most people take for granted. When hearing loss strikes, even in its early stages, you begin to feel alienated from the people around you because you cannot understand what they are saying or not hear them at all.

This lack or loss of hearing makes you withdraw from society altogether. People who suffer from this ailment are irritable, negative, and angry. They feel that others do not value them or treat them poorly because of their condition. Audiologists provide treatments or hearing aids to counter or prevent further loss of hearing.

Verbal Communication

The link between hearing and speaking is strong; children learn how to speak based on what they hear. If you or your family member has poor hearing or has completely lost the ability to hear, there is a high probability that verbal communication will be difficult or non-existent. You or your loved one may not be able to interact or respond properly because of a lack or impaired ability to communicate verbally. It affects your performance at work because you cannot hear properly, therefore you are unable to deliver the response your boss or co-workers are looking for.

Impaired Memory

There is a connection between hearing loss and memory impairment. Studies revealed that seniors suffering from hearing loss have serious cognitive problems compared to those who have good hearing. This ailment impairs their ability to learn new tasks and stay sharp as they age.

Hearing loss affects you or your loved one’s ability to communicate verbally, impairs memory, and may lead to social withdrawal among other potential problems. Addressing loss of hearing in its early stages saves you from the problems it creates.

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