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How to Keep Your Motorcycle Secure on the Lift

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Motorcycle LiftFor people who have motorcycles or work on motorcycles, the worst part about doing a task is that everything is below your waist. You have to kneel, stoop, or lie down in order to work on motorcycles. There’s a reason the Titan 1500Xlt motorcycle lift exists, and that is to allow owners and mechanics to get close to the machine without breaking their backs.

Benefits of a motorcycle lift

The motorcycle lift is designed to make cleaning, repairs and inspection much easier to do. It raises the two-wheeled vehicle a proper distance above the ground, where it is more accessible.

The lift has several safety features to ensure that the mechanic stays safe, and the motorcycle is raised without any accident. However, it is up to the user to make sure that the vehicle is tied down and balanced before raising it for work.

Safety measures

Some of the things that are required are adjustable straps, wood shims and padding. The padding is placed where the straps would touch the motorcycle. The wood shims are placed below the motorcycle where it would touch the lift.

When the straps are tightened, the pressure might dent the bottom of the bike. The wooden shims, preferably wood from a cargo pallet or something soft, would dent and compress instead of any of the motorcycle’s metal parts.

When all seems balanced, check the motorcycle that it does not rock or wiggle. You should also use a piece of paper and slide it under the bike where it touches the lift’s rubber pads or the wooden shims. If the paper can slide in, then the bike is not yet securely strapped in.

It is important to make sure that the motorcycle is strapped in properly before raising the lift. If it is not balanced, the bike might fall off the lift while you are working on it.

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