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Improve Your Industrial Storage with 4 Effective Methods

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Industrial StorageStorage, especially in warehouses, has a long history and yet its purpose hasn't changed despite the introduction of innovative designs. Matters have improved ever since and there are more exciting methods to manage storage facilities. Regardless of the presence of roving robots and conveyor belts, challenges still abound in different industries.

Method 1: Implement the 5S Methodology

The 5S methodology may be centuries old, but it's still relevant in modern industrial storage. Anytime these "S" are used in a storage facility, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness is sure to be experienced. The 5S is about sorting, setting in order, shining, standardising and sustaining.

Method 2: Optimise Space Usage

When you are tempted to increase the size of your warehouse, check whether you have used the available space adequately. Sometimes, better use of vertical space is all you need. Investing in the right equipment and storage units is more economical than adding square footage. Have you considered using a variety of shelving to store your different items? This could also work.

Method 3: Re-Evaluate the Design

Sales may balloon to the point that no amount of organisation seems to work. This is the time to consider a better design or even relocation. Many specialists suggest a re-evaluation after every three years, but this may depend on the growth rate of your company. An expert in industrial storage solutions can help in making this determination.

Method 4: Adopt Modern Technology

If you want to improve the efficiency of picking and movement within your storage facility, you might want to try an ERP system or Warehouse Management System (WMS). Using these systems will result in a cleaner environment and inventory that is more accurate.

Implementing anyone or set of these methods will improve storage in your facility. However, it is worth noting that these methods usually need substantial input to take effect. In addition, change happens — a reason why follow-up is necessary.

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