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Patio Enclosures Make Four Season Rooms Possible

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A PatioPatios are among the cheapest forms of home improvement. For a remodel that enhances the property’s aesthetic value and expands the living space, it can cost as little as $1,700. Without a form of protection from the elements, however, patios can be exposed to extreme sunlight and rain, making them less useful in the long term.

Hence, enclosures are an important feature of patios. Services like Just Patios provide enclosures that keep the patio safe from insects and unpleasant weather and let the family enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in comfort. One kind of enclosed patio offers the ultimate entertainment and relaxation venue, no matter the weather: the four season room.

Four Season Room: The All-Year Patio

Four season rooms, also called all season rooms, are a type of patio-turned-sunroom that allows nature to be part of your living space. Regardless of the time of day or season, you get your fill of sunlight, air, and nature while enjoying the scenery outside your home.

Four season rooms are usually surrounded by glass, which allows natural light to enter the home. Their windows or doors may be screened, to let you open the glass and allow the breeze to come in. They are recommended for homes in warmer climates. The roof and walls are often insulated, warding off the heat.  

Benefits of Glass Enclosures

Four season room enclosures are made of different materials, but the most common are glass. Glass provides the aesthetic value, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows/doors displaying the beautiful outdoor view.

Glass also protects home residents from the elements and extreme weather conditions. With enclosures typically made from double pane insulated glass, the room has insulation from the heat of the sun, cooling the patio in the summer and warming it during cold weather. As such, a four season room is also energy efficient.

Also, insulated glass blocks the sun’s harsh UV rays, preventing skin irritation and diseases and protecting furniture from fading and damage.

Patios must possess both aesthetic and functional features. Four season rooms, specifically, have to be useful under different weather conditions, and this is possible with durable, stylish, and energy efficient patio enclosures.

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