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wooden furniture

Simple Ways to Keep your Wooden Furniture Looking Great

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wooden furnitureThere is a reason most interior designers love incorporating wood into their designs. Whether it is wooden furniture, cabinets or hardwood doors, wood, with its earthy look and colour lends so much sophistication to any design. Wood seems to evoke something that is homey, rich, and bespoke. No wonder then that sometimes it can be a tad more expensive and more difficult to take care of.

There are a few dos and don’ts when keeping wooden furniture and fixtures looking great. Joinery For All Seasons is a UK manufacturer of timber wood windows, doors, flooring and other home fixtures. They have a broad experience with the material and can certainly offer tips to homeowners on how to take care of their wood finishing. Here are some of them:

First off, anything that is made of wood should be kept away from sunlight. It should be installed or shielded in a relatively cool and shaded place. One reason for this is that extremities make wood brittle and easier to crack. Too much sunshine and the wood may dry out and become flaky and susceptible to breaking even when applied with oils and certain varnish for protection. Let it be bathed in sunlight and you will soon find the fibres within the wood separating and peeling from each other.

Now, this occurrence may contribute to another problem. With widening gaps within the wood, dust, dirt and grime may eventually settle in, producing not only a terrible appearance, but also making it possible for the overall deterioration of the material. Some even say that constant dusting will do this to the wood. If improperly cleaned, such as frequent dusting or constant wiping with a rag, dust and dirt will eventually find themselves snugly settling inside the gaps, making the otherwise rich brown colour be soiled with black stains and soot.

If sunlight causes harm, so do moisture naturally. Constant exposure to water or moist will make the wood soft and susceptible to fungi and other bacteria that will contribute to the corrosion and discolouring of the material.

How then to clean wooden furniture, floor and hardwood doors? Recommended of course are the waxes and sprays that are specifically created for wood. Some, however, prefer ph-balanced soap and water. Typically, water doesn’t go well with wood as it makes the material expand, but when done periodically it will effectively clean the material.
For better upkeep, however, it is always best to ask the manufacturer for tips on how to keep the wood’s fine finish and beautiful appearance.

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