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employee health

Strategies for Employers to Help Employees Maintain their Health

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It should be every employer’s concern to ensure that employees are getting all the assistance they need to maintain overall well-being.

When an employee is healthy, happy, motivated, and productive, they are most likely to make valuable contributions to the company. They work harder, become more creative, and are less likely to take time off. They are also more stable workers which lead to better retention rates within the organization.

Employers should be aware of what their employees need in order to stay healthy and how they can assist them in maintaining that health. Here are some ways employers can help their employees maintain their health:

Offer On-site Fitness Centers to Employees

An on-site gym is an extremely valuable benefit for any employee who wants to stay healthy and active. Having the option of working out during the workday means they are more likely to take advantage of it, which can lead to healthier habits.

Most office employees spend up to eight hours a day seated at their desks and staring at a computer screen. This is not healthy. Humans are meant to move. Those who sit all the time are at a greater risk of heart disease, obesity, and other health problems.

This is why it’s important to encourage employees to take advantage of on-site gyms.

One of the reasons why adults do not exercise regularly is the lack of time. Offering an on-site gym can help employees reduce this risk by allowing them to break up the day with some exercise. They can work out at lunch, right after work, or both.

Employers who are not able to offer on-site gyms can still support their employees’ health by subsidizing memberships at local fitness centers. This ensures that employees have no excuse for not exercising regularly.

Offer Health Insurance Plans with Prescription Coverage

Most people do not realize the financial strain that comes with healthcare. Even those who have insurance are still responsible for paying the monthly premiums, which can be pricey. Those who do not have coverage or whose plans don’t include prescription coverage often end up shelling out hundreds of dollars for drugs each month.

Aside from helping their employees maintain good health, employers also benefit from offering health insurance plans that include prescription coverage. It costs less than paying for employees to visit the doctor or hospital, and it also minimizes or completely covers their monthly drug expenses.

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Offer Health Screenings to Employees

Employers should offer health screenings to their employees. These include cholesterol screenings, blood pressure tests, eye examinations, and glucose tests. They are very inexpensive to conduct, they can be performed during work hours, and they are proven to help detect common illnesses like high cholesterol or diabetes.

Employees who feel that their health is in danger may feel more motivated to take care of themselves by exercising more regularly and eating healthier food.

Offer Healthy Snacks and Meals

When employees are hungry, there is a greater risk that they will turn to junk food for their meals. This not only affects the employee’s health but also increases company costs due to reduced productivity and higher rates of illness among employees.

Employers can help their employees maintain good health by offering healthy snacks and meals. They should include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products in these meals. These ingredients make for nutritious foods that provide more energy than processed packaged snacks or fast food fare.

In addition, provide them access to health supplements and therapies. Employers can call a mobile IV hydration therapy service to come and administer boosters and drips that will improve the nutrition of employees.

Offer Wellness Programs

Companies like to promote health and fitness, which is why they often offer their employees wellness programs as part of the benefits package. These might include things like weight loss support, discounted memberships to nearby fitness centers, on-site physical activities for employees, among others. Employees who participate in these types of programs tend to feel healthier, reduce their risk of illness, and are more productive at work.

The keyword here is “participate”. Employees won’t be motivated to participate in wellness programs if employers don’t encourage them to do so. This is why employers should go out of their way to promote these programs and remind employees to sign up for them.

Employers who want to help their employees maintain their health can do so by providing wellness programs, subsidizing fitness center memberships, and offering healthy snacks and meals. They should also offer health screenings to employees to detect common illnesses. Promoting these programs and reminding employees to participate will encourage them to take advantage of the benefits that are being offered.

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