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Top Features That Luxury Builders Provide for Their Clients

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The whole process of home building can be challenging. Different people have different budgets and specifications. Common people who have a low or medium budget often settle for mass-produced homes. However, while building such homes, builders face challenges in making profits. These challenges magnify huge proportions when builders create luxurious homes for the wealthy.

The rich and famous look for bespoke designs and elements in their homes. It is essential as a builder of luxurious properties to understand the requirements and aspirations of the clients. Luxury buyers do not mind paying double the amount if you can offer the best and most uncommon features in homes.

Read about the top features luxury builders should provide their high-value clients to generate more sales and profits.

Bespoke Designs

The architecture of the house, as well as the interior, is of prime concern here. Most clients in the higher category will specify what masterpiece they are looking for. You can offer a range of designs and architectural styles like manor, Tudor, Victorian, Spanish, or ranch styles. However, you must remember to maintain continuity when you proceed from the exteriors to the interiors. The exterior style and interior style must match.

Luxury clients may not be just content with this. They will look for exclusivity in minute areas, like trimmings, archways, door and window frames, and even the roofs. For them, a typical architectural element may not be premium. They will also have their inputs to suggest to you. Innovation is the key when it comes to delivering such homes. If you can provide the wealthy’s dreams, you can attract more clients from the same tribe.

Outdoor Landscape Features

As a luxury builder, you have to remember to offer clients the best land for sale. Most high net-worth clients want to stay in the vicinity of neighbors of similar status. Apart from that, you will have to offer some privacy. Trees and gardens in the surroundings will give such people the privacy they want. You might also want to offer them beach-front or lake-view spaces, for which they will pay any amount.

A lavish outdoor area is also a prerequisite. The wealthy cannot do without landscaped gardens, sculptures, and outdoor features like pools and gazebos, so the space needs to be elaborate and huge. A large driveway may also be a feature that can attract such people. They would have plenty of cars to park, apart from frequent visitors’ cars. Therefore, large multifunctional garages and driveways are a norm for such people.

Home Security Systems

A luxury home will have plenty of valuables, so it is mandated to provide safes and lockers in respective rooms. Most clients in this category look for exclusive options in home security systems. As builders, you have to source and incorporate the best alarm systems and anti-burglar systems in the property. Every individual room should also have a state-of-the-art CCTV and intercom system. You also need to get Wi-Fi for such homes, as the entire security IP links will have to be configured in all the family members’ phones at all times.

You can also incorporate cross-functional security between the rooms and the gate’s guardrooms. Fire alarms and sprinklers are also desirable throughout the property. Most wealthy individuals will ask you for such offerings. If you can deliver the same, you can win the hearts of such individuals. In this case, referrals work tremendously. You can also get a call for a similar project after making your sale instantaneously.

Smart Technology in Rooms

All rooms in such lavish homes need to have smart technology incorporated. The lights, fans, HVAC systems, and curtains should be synced with smartphones and remotes. The inhabitants should be able to control everything from their seats or beds without moving. In addition to all these, TVs and home theater systems also have to be synced with smartphones.

You have to ensure to incorporate home automation systems without second thoughts. Convenience is a feature that the rich and luxury clients will look for, so stay prepared for the above and a lot more. Since such individuals are well-traveled, they might pick up a tech device from elsewhere and ask you to fix it in their rooms. Of course, you must have the right technician to do the job.

Walk-in Closets

walk in closet

Most luxury homes also have dressing rooms that extend the bedrooms. The inhabitants store high-value and luxurious clothes, accessories, and belongings in such spaces. A walk-in closet needs to be huge, at least the same size as the room. You also have to create the right number of shelves and sliding doors for all wardrobes in this area, and they should exude functionality and aesthetics at the same time.

These are some features luxury builders have to provide for their wealthy clients. Pivoting on these features will help them make huge profits and build a network for their business expansion.

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