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The Harmful Effects of Radiation and Technology on the Environment

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Man Looking at a Radiation Sign

Technology has come a long way and the truth is, it made life easier for many individuals across the globe. The negative thing, however, is that it has taken a toll on the environment, as well.

Global warming, toxic wastes, and radiation due to increased industrialization affected the environment in various ways. The air is now polluted with contaminants that could cause serious health effects.

Moreover, radioactive wastes are being disposed on land and water, harming the environment. Though Enviro Care Inc. and other environmental companies are here to provide eco-friendly remediation in Utah, it would take a lot of effort to remove harmful wastes. Unfortunately, these radioactive wastes have the following adverse effects:

On Growth of Plants

Though natural radiation is beneficial to plant growth, ionizing radiation is another story. The ionizing substances or particles that are byproducts of nuclear power plants could weaken seedlings. High doses of radiation could lead to the destruction of plant life, which is, of course, devastating to the environment.

On Human and Animal Life

High doses and long-term exposure to radiation could be detrimental to both animals and humans. There are many health effects of radiation, including cancer, mutation of cells, congenital anomalies, and infertility.

On Marine Life

Marine life is greatly affected by radioactive waste products. After all, most of these wastes go into a body of water; a river near to a nuclear plant, for instance. As a result, there will come a time that humans can no longer eat fish and other seafood. This could negatively impact the livelihoods, as well, as health, of many individuals.

People need to be cautious with these harmful effects of radiation. If you suspect any presence of radioactive waste near you, tell the authorities right away. After all, it is vital to act quickly on this matter to mitigate the dangerous effects of radiation.

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