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Your Car Broke Down: What Should You Do?

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Car Broke DownCar breakdowns happen when you don’t expect (of course!) them to happen and even the most regularly maintained car could suddenly decide to have issues. Your reaction to a breakdown could greatly help prevent injury and avoid inconvenience to you and other motorists, and get emergency assistance faster. Below are some handy tips to keep in mind in case you experience a breakdown.

Be Properly Prepared

Make sure you have an emergency breakdown kit in your car that contains a petrol container, basic tools, reflectors, mobile phone charger and jumper cables. Likewise, make sure you have a supply of water, especially if you travel long distances. also recommends that you should have the emergency numbers of towing companies and your insurance provider in your phone and on a piece of paper inside a secure place in your car.

Safety Matters

Once you feel your car stalling, try to at least stop at a safe space, roadside or an outer lane if possible. You should also turn your hazard lights on so that other motorists know that your car is parked and then call for help. If your car malfunctions in a low-traffic or isolated area, check outside before going out of your car and be careful when raising your car’s bonnet.

Calling for Assistance

In the unfortunate event that your mobile phone’s battery is dead or you don’t have coverage, ask passing motorists for help. If someone agrees to help you out, request for him or her to contact a towing company or your insurance provider, but don’t go inside the car of the stranger. If your car dies at night and in an isolated place, refrain from leaving your car and looking for people. Just stay inside after setting up your reflectors and turning on your hazard lights. Stay positive, be positive and do the best you can to conserve your resources and energy.

Keep in mind that while a dead car is very inconvenient, some safety measures and a little bit of common sense can help keep the situation from becoming a hazard. Remember the abovementioned tips so you can handle a breakdown efficiently and calmly. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way.

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