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Your Quick Guide to Starting a Beauty Blog

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Woman creating her beauty blogBlogging used to be just a virtual diary. It was where you could express your take on things, talk about what has made you smile or irk—a venue for your thoughts. But over the years, its purpose has changed. It still is a repository of personal thoughts, but now, it has become purposive. It is now used to help people.

Many create blogs that contain travel tips, life hacks, and almost anything under the sun. If you are still looking for your niche, you may want to consider the beauty category. It is much easier than you think. Here are some tips:

The Look of the Blog

Other than a cool domain name, your blog should look beautiful. People will discount your advice if your blog’s layout does not look good. You can commission a designer for this, but if you want to set everything yourself, you can just get a beautiful template and tweak it at some parts.

The Content

So what to talk about? There is a lot! You can have topics and categories: make-ups, style, outfit of the day, beauty hacks, skin care (facial wash, lotions, and Bali Body oils for suntanning), and relationships (optional, though). Whatever it is, make sure that you know what you are writing. Create variety and write lists instead of blocks of texts. And oh, don’t forget the pictures!

The Audience

So who are you talking to? Make sure that you have a target audience in mind so that the way you will write your blog and the language you will be using will be relatable. Initially, you can have some of your family relatives and friends read your blog and get their thoughts on it. Integrate your social media profiles into the blog. Likewise, share the link to your blogs on your social media pages.

Starting a blog can be fulfilling, not to mention lucrative. Once you gain traction, your blog will become media real estate where advertisers can place their ads. May the tips above help you build an excellent blog.

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