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A Meaningful Visit to the Holy Land

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Experience IsraelNow that you’ve finally decided to take the opportunity to visit the Holy Land, certain preparations and reminders must be put into work to make the whole journey more special and worth it. To get you ready, here are some tips that will help you maximize your journey.

Take a Bible with You

A backgrounder on your possible destinations will make the experience even more meaningful. What’s an even better way to know about these things than to read and understand the Holy Bible. It doesn’t have to be bulky, a small or digital version will do. You'll appreciate and value the journey more once you know what some of the significant events that took place in it.

Learn the Basics of Israel Geography

Whether you're on a Latter-Day Saint (LDS) Israel vacation package or not, you need to have a good and handy Bible atlas. You will be surprised at how you can easily learn the geography of Jerusalem. Some of the landmarks you should take note include:

  • Galilee (and the Golan Heights)
  • Judea (and the Shephelah)
  • Samaria (and the Jezreel Valley)
  • Negev and Its Wilderness

Get Ready to Walk

The tour might get too tiring for you as it requires a lot of walking, climbing, and hiking in all types of terrains. That's why if you want to enjoy the journey even more, you need to be physically prepared for it. Do rounds of walking or jogging weeks or months before your trip to make it more manageable.

It is Fine to Ask

If you’re curious about something or want to learn more about specific landmarks, the guides are always happy to assist you. You may also ask for suggestions and other sights you can visit around the area. Jerusalem is just one portion of Israel, so might as well take the opportunity to discover it.

What makes a good adventure possible is your preparedness for it. Be sure to follow these tips to create good memories during your trip.

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