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Private vs Public Hospitals

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hospitalThis debate is endless: whether to go to a public or a private hospital for treatment. Each comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In general, private hospitals have better equipment, but public hospitals can accommodate more people and have access to a larger network of specialists.

Here goes deeper into this argument in an attempt to come up with a solution.

Private Hospitals

Private hospitals are smaller than their public counterparts. Many prefer public hospitals because:

  • They have an excellent doctor to patient ratio.
  • They are usually up-to-date with medical technology.
  • The doctor seeing times is usually shorter.
  • The patient has a say on the selection of the surgeon that they want.
  • Private hospitals, especially in Kent, tend to provide personalised care.
  • They have better and more maintained facilities.

However, private hospitals are more expensive, may not accept all types of insurance. There are certain hospitals that may refuse to treat those without the finances, but this is now a rare practice.

Public Hospitals

On the other hand, public hospitals are government-funded facilities, often larger. The advantages of a public hospital are:

  • They will not turn anyone way, even if penniless.
  • Have a lot more beds.
  • Afford treatment at cheaper rates.

At these facilities, though, patient to doctor ratios are not as good, the waiting hours tend to be long, and personalised care is not always possible.

Which Should You Choose?

For medical emergencies, it matters little if it is a public or private hospital that you check in. On the other hand, if you have planned the treatment or consultation, then which hospital you choose will depend on your financial standing and the treatment required. Account for the insurance as well, and the doctor you wish to treat you, and the availability of beds for overnight confinement.

Choosing a hospital about as important as the duration of your illness. To ‘get well soon’, find a good hospital soon.

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