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Creative Way of Using Old Gutters for Gardening

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gutter with leavesYour roof takes a significant amount of abuse in Utah’s harsh climate, and rain gutter repairers might recommend replacement. While you can always buy new gutters, consider the best way of disposing of the damaged ones. Sending them to the landfill is the obvious solution, but there is a better way. Have you ever considered reusing your gutters differently? For a start, here is how to do a hanging garden.

What You Need

Apart from your old gutters, other things needed are:
•    Soil
•    Handsaw
•    Your preferred plants
•    Drill

Remember that the gutters should preferably come with their supports and end caps.

Choose Location

With the materials ready, it is time to choose where to set up the garden. Most people in Utah prefer porch railings, walls and fences, but you can be as creative as you want. As long as the location is in a warm and well-lit area, you are ready to go.

Ready the Plants

As you choose which plants to grow, you need to remember that gutters have weight limitations. Avoid large plants because they will subject the gutters to strain. Ornamental plants perfect for display include chillies, lettuces, flowers and herbs. Gutters from the 60s or 70s may have lead coating, so you need to either dispose them or ask for expert analysis to ascertain safety.

Hang the Gutters

This is one of the easiest projects in the home. You can use an old wooden rack or construct a new one. Hang the gutters on the rack, add the soil, and then plant. With the frame design, you can carry your garden anytime you wish.

Projects out of old reusable gutters can be fun and cost-effective. All you need are basic tools, some soil and time to tend the garden. Reduce wastage you have to replace your rain gutters by putting old ones to alternative use.

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